If you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house fast” then we should be your next call.

Hi, we’re Comax Properties, a real estate investment company that pays cash for homes here in Roosevelt, NY. If you have reached the point where you’ve decided “I need to sell my house” then we would love to help you out and purchase your home with our quick, fast and hassle free process!

We buy houses in Roosevelt, NY for cash to get homeowners out of tough situations and moving towards the fresh start they’re looking for. Your time is our priority. You will hear from us within 15 minutes of reaching out, and we’ll give you an offer 24-48 hours after seeing the home to be sold.

We know you have better things to do than wait around for realtors, buyers, and banks – we can make sure you don’t have to deal with any of them. We’re here to ensure that you get the real estate solution that fits your needs.

Our team always strives to be honest and straightforward about the timeline of the whole process, so we tell our clients that one sale generally takes about a month – this is because New York is an attorney state with a slower process than most. However, selling through a realtor usually takes a minimum of 6-7 months.

The other common concern among our clients is having to clean out the house before selling, but we take care of that too! Simply take what you want and hand us the keys on the way out. No matter how much is left in the house, we’ll handle it.

Why Choose A Long Island Cash Home Buyer?

There are a lot of companies who buy advertise that they cab buy homes quickly in Roosevelt, but not many of them can actually deliver.  If you think working with cash home buyers could be a good fit for you, then check us out!

Hi, my name is Joe Cordes and I am the owner of Comax Properties, a family-owned real estate solutions company located in Lynbrook, NY.  I would like to tell you a little bit about us and why we love what we do!

I grew up in Queens, NY and always enjoyed spending time in Long Island. I stayed local when I went to school,  graduating from Brooklyn College and then Marist College. I purchased my first investment house in Rockaway Beach, NY when I was 23, and that first house purchase started me down a path that I’ve pursued for the last 30 years investing in Queens and Long Island.

I’ve renovated and re-sold dozens of homes and love the feeling of seeing old homes made new, and neighborhoods steadily getting better. I love when neighbors stop by to compliment and thank me and my team for our work.  I also own and invest in local multifamily rental properties that I’ve purchased and then renovated to make them beautiful for local families.

Today, I live in Nassau County, NY with my wife and two young boys. Long Island is such a great place to live and I am dedicated to making it even better!

Alongside my wife and our growing team of real estate professionals, I work to serve Long Island homeowners with uniquely tailored real estate strategies. Between our experience, our systems, and our relationships, there isn’t a real estate situation that we can’t help a client through. If you’re struggling with foreclosure, own an unwanted inherited property or need to sell a house for any reason, call us and let us help.

When I’m not helping clients, I’m spending time with my wife and two boys, or coaching youth basketball and football here on Long Island. You might also find me boating or fishing – but I’m always available to help people when they need it!

Want to talk about your situation? Our team specializes in finding real estate solutions for sellers, no matter what their story is. There is no obligation, no cost and no pressure!

We’re ready to buy your home for cash in Roosevelt.

We pay cash for homes in Roosevelt so our clients can start living their best life.

If you’re looking for someone to buy your house fast, then contact us today.

Here’s how to sell your home for cash in Roosevelt:

There’s no intimidating process to follow when you work with us. Simply reach out on a call or on our website, get the perfect offer for your home, and let us help you get your house sold!

If you’d like to know more about how selling to us works, just click here to learn more.

We buy houses in Roosevelt as-is, no matter the condition.

We work with Roosevelt homeowners in any situation. We understand that, if you need to sell and move quickly, there’s very likely an important reason. Whether you’re selling to be close to family, pursue your dream job opportunity, or just leaving behind a tough home ownership situation, we want to help you get there.

We buy houses anywhere in Roosevelt, so if you’re looking for honest cash home buyers in Roosevelt who can help you sell your home as fast as possible, we’d love to talk with you!

What’s the difference between working with us and a realtor?

We buy houses in Roosevelt, so we’re a perfect fit if you need to sell your house fast without a lot of expense or waiting around.

Selling through us enables you to skip tedious house showings, costly repairs or renovations, and waiting around for a bank’s approval. We also save you expensive commissions and appraisals.

Other cities we pay cash for homes in.

Besides Roosevelt, we buy cash homes in these cities across New York.