Comax Properties Testimonials

We love what we do and enjoy helping people improve their lives by helping them move on from an unwanted home or property. It’s very important to us at that everyone that we work with has a great experience working with us. In the end, we’re not satisfied if we’re not able to relieve your stress and provide you with the best hassle-free solution possible. Please take some time to read some testimonials written by some real people that we have helped.

“Joe was able to purchase the house so quickly.”

The house next door was in really bad shape-shrubs and trees were overgrown, the lawn was half a foot deep, ivy and vines on the telephone wires and up the entire side of the home. The owner was a quiet, pleasant man but he developed health issues and simply couldn’t keep up with maintaining his own home. It got progressively worse and became a real eyesore. I visited him inside the home a few times and it looked worse than the outside, and it had that ‘old house smell’. I knew at that moment that the next person to buy this would have to be insane, desperate, or an investor. I simply wanted a good neighbor who would upgrade this small disaster, and I was worried.

A few years passed and when the homeowner passed, I wondered what would happen. I knew Joe was in the real estate business so I introduced him to the family with the hopes he could make things better. Joe said this house would need a lot of work and investment, but he wanted to help. I saw the seller after Joe bought the home — she was happy Joe was able to purchase the house so quickly and also maneuver through some of the challenges with the Town. She also told me how Joe was patient when delays came up at the closing. The demo and construction hasn’t started yet, but Joe gives me updates on the progress and permits he’s filing. I’m looking forward to what Joe and his team will do, with the hope of a better home on my block.

Gregory Reisert | South Hempstead, NY

Joe was instrumental in helping me in the sale of my mom’s house…”

“Joe was instrumental in helping me in the sale of my mom’s house. It was already a stressful and overwhelming situation that was difficult to tackle at times, and selling her home wasn’t something I wanted to worry about. He was extremely informative every step of the process. He even went above and beyond to help me in other ways with my own home, even though it had nothing to do with the sale. If you’re looking into selling your home, Joe is the right person to go with!”

It’s not often that you find someone willing to help you when they have nothing to gain from it.”

“Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with. While we decided to go a different route at the end, the information and guidance that he provided were priceless. It’s not often that you find someone willing to help you when they have nothing to gain from it. If an opportunity presents itself in the future for me to work with him again I wouldn’t hesitate and you shouldn’t either.”

Erika C. | Lynbrook, NY

“For his time & guidance, he asked for nothing…offering only a friendly handshake & his personal contact info should I have any other questions that I wanted to get help with.”

“I first met Joe from Comax Properties while I was trying to sell my parent’s property in mid-’17. He showed up to take a look, maybe make an offer…but quickly realized that this particular property was not going to be a good fit for his interests. With most people in the real estate business, once they realize there’s no money in it for them…you see their taillights in about 3 seconds. But…not Joe! Realizing he had the knowledge & expertise that could ease & expedite what I wanted to do, he generosity offered his time & very helpful & dead-on accurate advice…spending well over an hour with me, discussing my situation…which was EXTREMELY helpful, and ultimately led to my getting even a greater selling price for the property than originally thought possible. For his time & guidance, he asked for nothing…offering only a friendly handshake & his personal contact info should I have any other questions that I wanted to get help with. In this day & age of ‘quick buck’ shysters, you just don’t find people like Joe too often…a person of high moral caliber, genuinely concerned & interested in “other” people’s success…even when it won’t benefit him at all. Joe, I want to thank you sir! I very much appreciate what you did for me & my family. You’re a true gentleman! And if you’re in the market for, or need Joe & his expertise…you can feel comfortable that you’re not dealing with a ‘fly-by-night’ type of person…because Joe’s one of the good ones, a man of high moral character & responsibility. Good luck in your future endeavors!!”

Stew McKay, East Meadow, NY

“…meeting you was was a blessing for our family, thank you.”

Dear Joseph, It was a pleasure meeting you and sharing in all your years of real estate experience and expertise. Although, our property wasn’t cost effective for you, meeting you was was a blessing for our family, thank you. We will review and incorporate your suggestions as we go through the process of preparing and selling my mothers home.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Warm wishes.

Cheryl Mchunguzi, Uniondale, NY

“Joe was the most professional – and polite.”

It was a pleasure to do business with Joe Cordes. I had to sell my deceased uncle’s house in Valley Stream remotely – from Tennessee. Joe contacted me and asked if he could see the property. My elderly mother met him at the house. Of the 20+ people she showed the house to, she indicated to me that Joe was the most professional – and polite. My subsequent conversations with Joe led me to the same conclusions. He submitted a competitive bid, waited patiently for me to obtain proper court certifications, and then closed within two weeks. At the closing, I met Joe for the first time in person. No nonsense, no surprises: the paperwork was finished within 45 minutes. Joe showed me before and after photos of homes he had re-modeled in the last couple of years. They were well done. I am confident he and his team will re-make my uncle’s house into a desirable family home, and a property of pride in the neighborhood. This will make me happy for my uncle’s memory.

John Brehm - Oak Ridge, TN

“Joe of Comax Properties made us the highest offer for my father’s house”

Joe of Comax Properties made us the highest offer for my father’s house. The transaction was straightforward and without complications. Joe did a nice job on the renovations – I hope the next occupants enjoy the house as much as our folks. I imagine the neighbors are happy about the improvements as well, and I’m glad we did right by them – they were very kind to my father for all those years.

Mike Fichtelman - Lynbrook, NY

“…you are a very nice person”

I am in receipt of your response. Thank you for forwarding the information to an associate of yours. Feel free to have her call me. Hope your son wins his basketball games – you are a very nice person.

Brenda Wilbur - Woodmere, NY

“I thank Joe for his honesty and professionalism.”

When you sell an outstanding product, it is no surprise that offers will fly in right out of the gate! I knew this property was going to go FAST . We acted quickly and my buyers and I thank Joe for his honesty and professionalism.

Heidi Byrne, Ed McNulty Realty, Nassau County, NY

“…professionalism and respect.”

Joe with Comax Properties is one of my best Real Estate investors. I deal with professionals and business owners on a daily basis and if you work with Joe you can expect to receive the upmost professionalism and respect. Joe addresses all problems before they ever become real issues. His finished renovation projects are of the highest quality. I enjoy working with him and selling his properties as most of the buyers can find very little if anything that needs to be addressed. If you want to deal directly with an investor to purchase your property Joe with Comax Properties is one of the best! I enjoy working with him and value his relationship as a business partner and friend.

Ron Logallo, Keystone Realty, Suffolk County, NY